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Sheet Shearing (Ajar Manufactured)

Shearing Capacity for all metal sheets 6 to 8 ft width & 1 to 12mm thickness.

Bending and Dish-Ends (Special Ajar Manufactured machines)

Hydraulic Bending Presses capacity 50 to 600 tons for plates of width up to 10 ft and thickness 1 to 600 mm.

Sheet & Plate Rolling (Ajar Manufactured Machines)

Sheet Rolling width 5 to 10 ft thickness 3 to 5 mm. Plate Rolling from 6 to 62mm thickness.

Arc welding (UK, Sweden, USA Made Machines)

X-Ray Arc welding machines 50 to 500 Amp AC/DC for Light & Heavy Weld Applications.

Gas Cutting for Plates (Germany & USA made)

Auto Gas Cutter for template & actual shape cutting requirements. Heavy Duty high pressure multipurpose gas cutting torch.

Turning & Cylindrical Grinding (UK, Sweden, Pak Made Machines)

5 to 31ft Lathes up to 5000 mm swing for flexible Turning Applications. External / Internal threading, Cylindrical Grinding attachment for Larger Dia work piece work piece with extra large center height.

Shaper & Planner (UK Make)

24” Shaper Machine, 8-9 ft Plate Plaining heavy machines for pre- machining arrangements,

Milling & Slotter (Germany, UK & Pak Made)

3 No & 5 No Milling Machines, Double Universal Head & Heavy Duty Slotter machine.

Drilling, Boring & Lapping (Spain, UK & China Made)

Bench Drilling, Radial Drilling, Horizontal Boring, Medium & High Capacity Belt Polisher & Rotary Polisher.

Working Platforms & Craftsman Table

Large & Medium size Platforms for Heavy & Light Fabrication work, Fitter’s Tables equipped with Precision Bench work tools.

Specialty Machining

We can handle extremely Difficult Kind of jobs under close tolerance ranges on our machine facilities.

Customized Machining

Since we believe in Co-operative Engineering, our specialists render Customized Machining Services in Creative Manner.