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Ajar Engineering has all basic infrastructures & machine facilities to accommodate Light, Medium & Heavy Fabrication Manufacturing activities such as:

Light & Medium Fabrication Work for S.S, C.S, & Aluminum Alloys

 Sheet metal & Extruded Section Structures like Data Racks, Panels, Cabinets, Containers, Bin Stands, Boxes of specific requirements, Poles, Masts etc.

 Fabricated Pipe Joints like Reducers, Diffusers, Tubings, Cones & Special geometrical shapes using TIG Arc & Spot Welds.

 Dish Ends, Bowls, Brackets, Lugs, Supports Stairs etc.

 Storage Racks, Storage Tanks, Shelves, Beams & Columns.

 Assembling & Welding Fixtures, Machinery Parts etc.

 Chain Links, Brackets, Riveted structures.

 Strong Points and Strong Rooms etc.

Heavy Fabrication Work:

 Plant and Machine supported structures like Conveyors Elevators. Foundations Bases, Column & Beam arrangements, Trussed structures and Platforms etc.

 Machinery & Equipment as a whole like Boilers, Air Receivers, Chillers, Coolers, Cooling Towers, Storage Tank & Dryers.

 Heavy Structural work like Furnaces, Ovens, Ball Mills, Crushing Units, Specified Chemical Processing Units, Feeders, Collectors, Trolleys, Cranes, Heat Exchanger, Turn-Tables and all sort of Customized Projects.

Medium & Heavy Manufacturing:

 Ajar Engineering is well equipped with precision machining facilities for

 Turning including External / Internal Threading

 Boring Lapped Boring, Spot Boring

 Larger Dia Drilling, Radial Drilling, Taping, Reaming and Honing

 Medium & Heavy Milling work like Side & Face Milling

 Slotting, Index Milling and Spot Facing etc

 Fixture Turning, Profile Turning, Profile Milling & Copying

 Machinery Parts Manufacturing

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